Arming pilots

That's enough to register on a breath test, but it's so low, he would still be allowed to fly under federal law. Petitioners cite "over-reliance on passenger screenings to keep terrorists off our aircraft".

Safely on board, he waits until the flight has departed before he makes his move and, of Arming pilots, there is never an air marshal around when you need one. The legal use of a firearm by the FFDO is already a liability-free event for the carriers; Congress has made it so in the enabling legislation.

This means that arming the pilots in the cockpit may be redundant. Until the early s, American commercial passenger pilots on any flight carrying U.

Candidates who successfully complete this training will be assigned to one of 21 field offices, which will be responsible for FFDO mission control. Nov 19, at The Federal Air Marshal Service, a TSA agency that runs the armed-pilots program, reports that 85, to 90, pilots and crewmembers flying domestic passenger and cargo planes are eligible to carry a gun.

The Second Amendment they hate is actually the first defense against terrorism.

Congress Weighs Arming Pilots

Federal Flight Deck Officers: And why are they scared silly about the thought of pilots with guns? The requirement started at the beginning of commercial aviation to insure that pilots could defend the mail if their plane were to ever crash.

He recommends training and arming more pilots to resist hijackers and adding secondary cockpit barriers.

Guns in the cockpit

Sure, there will always be such a possibility. Pilot's gun fires during US flight; no one injured. If you're paying attention, you need to be aware of one thing. It appears he is willing to sacrifice the passengers to preserve the safety of the crew.

Pilots, Classmate of 9-11 Pilot, and 103 Congressmen Urge Senate to Arm Pilots

With these sky marshals operating in the skies, there is little chance for terrorists or hijackers to overtake an airplane. Pilots are not and never will be trained to such a level and while I may, and must, trust them to get me to my destination safely, I do not have to trust them with a loaded weapon in their hands.

Bush's armed-pilot plan called a "bad joke": In fact, airline pilots flew armed in large numbers from the dawn of commercial aviation to with no record of incident.

To effectively cover most flights today, the marshals program in the U. And neither did the passengers who originally sat by and watched.

This should be their job. The Ongoing Controversy Both the proponents and opponents of the debate about arming pilots in the cockpit point to the need for increased security on airplanes.

A Critical Look at Arming Pilots

I can only answer that by stating that procedures are in place within the system to identify pilots who are psychological risks. This could even extend to arming those passengers on the aircraft.Sep 06,  · Mica said the administration realized that the momentum in Congress favoring arming pilots is strong.

The House passed a bill in July to. The Absurdity of Arming Pilots. JD Lock, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired) 22 May NOTE: Though this issue has obviously becomea mute point given the years that have passed, I believe the logic behind it is still sound and relevant given our Nation's continued 'Knee Jerk Reactions' to perceived 'terrorist threats.'.

Federal Flight Deck Officer

Pilots' group decries missile deployment: The Airline Pilots' Security Alliance and other groups, including some pilots' unions, have said that arming pilots against potential terrorist hijackers is a quicker, cheaper and more efficient way to ensure air safety. The Air Force isn’t necessarily known for its small arms programs, but aircrews are about to get a longer range stand-off rifle to use if they are ever shot down behind enemy lines.

Jun 16,  · Arming % of the pilots, however, can be done.

Federal Flight Deck Officer

It's an efficient expenditure of tax dollars — pilots pay for more of the costs associated with. Despite the obvious benefit of arming pilots against terrorist attacks on our airlines, substantial opposition to the program is still being brought by the Air Transport Association and its member carriers.

The most often sited concern is the air carrier’s liability for the actions of a Federal.

Arming pilots
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